Benefits of Vaping over Smoking on a Fishing Boat

The debate over vaping versus smoking has been going on for years. Even though vaping is a fairly new concept in comparison to smoking, it has gained quite the popularity. It is not just the matter of new age devices. Vaping actually has several benefits. These benefits have made many smokers choose to vape instead. Therefore, the number of vape shops has also been rising.

Vaping is convenient as it can be easily used anytime. While smoking is banned in more places, vaping has still become fairly accepted in many of such places. The reason is that fact that vaping is considered less harmful, therefore, is more socially acceptable.

Given this information, imagine yourself smoking on a fishing boat. Fishing is a hobby for many people. They would happily go to a river or lake and relax in their boat while waiting for the fish to strike. Now if you are a smoker, it is likely that you will soon get the craving. But it would be way better to vape than smoke when in a fishing boat.

Here is why you should consider to vape and leave your traditional cigarettes behind when planning to spend your day on a fishing boat:

Less Harmful to Your Heath

Let us begin with the most basic benefit. Smoking hazards are not hidden from anyone. But cravings are hard to let go. Vaping is a good way to reduce the risk to your health as well as begin your journey to quitting. Since vaping has no tobacco, there is a lesser risk of developing lung and mouth cancer, respiratory issues, and cardiovascular diseases. So while you are relaxing on the boat and fishing, why put your health at risk during such a fun time.

Less Harmful to the Environment

Cigarettes are known to have toxins like nicotine, cyanide, lead, carbon monoxide, arsenic, ammonia, and many more. With vaping, you will be exposed to fewer chemicals. Of course, if you are fishing, you will expose the surrounding environment to fewer chemicals too. You need to preserve the area and the fish if you want to keep coming back and enjoy the hobby.

Less Addictive

Traditional cigarettes contain a large amount of nicotine, which leads to addiction. Vape liquid either contains lesser amount or none at all. This is why it is less likely to cause addictive behavior as well as is helpful towards quitting the habit. So when you have to spend a long day in search of a good catch, you need something that does not turn into a bad habit.

No Littering

When you vape instead of smoke on a fishing boat, you won’t be throwing the cigarette butts in the water or around the area. This will prevent atmospheric pollution and greenhouse effect.

The next time you go fishing, choose to vape over smoke. You will also enjoy the convenience of the cigarette not going out due to moisture or water.

An Introduction to Galveston Fishing Charters

While I may be based out of New Jersey, that doesn’t mean that I don’t go elsewhere to find some of the best fishing around. I’ve been blessed to meet people from all over the US and the world and take in some great experiences in my travels.

My favorite trip as of recent was when I was down visiting some friends in Texas and took an excursion with Get Bent Galveston. They are the top place to go when you are looking for Galveston fishing charters and I highly recommend them. Continue reading for my full review of my day out on the water in Texas.

My Charter Fishing in Galveston Experience

It was a whole new experience for me to go out on the boat in the South, as I’m a native to the Northeast, but it was quite a day out there. Some friends and I went out from Galveston and had a heck of a time.

If you’re not familiar, Galveston is a coastal resort city between two islands off of the southeast coast of Texas. It’s a whole different beast than what I’m used to up in my home area, but nothing that we couldn’t handle.

The thing I was most excited about was angling some fish that I’m not used to seeing up where I’m from. As I write on the homepage, up here we catch a lot of striped bass and bluefish when we do inshore tours. When we go offshore, it’s a lot of sharks, and even further offshore you’ll find tuna, mahi, and marlin.

fishing charters galveston tx

After reading more about the South and what kind of fishing that’s there, I was really looking forward to some new experiences. From what I read, there’s a lot of croaker, drum, flounder, mackerel, and red snappers. As for the trophy fish like sharks, what I was most excited about was getting out into the territory of bull sharks and black tip sharks.

My experience with charter fishing with Get Bent Galveston did not disappoint. We had read all about them prior to our trip and they lived up to their billing. Everything we needed was ready for us, the guides knew everything about the waters they took us out on, and we were pulling in fish all day.

When it comes down to fishing charters, the thing you want the most is a crew of experienced guides who really know the territory. You want to make the most of your day, and it’s no fun when you’re just staring at your rod and not pulling in any fish. We were pulling in trophies all day taking in everything that Galveston has to offer when it comes to aquatic life. We’ll definitely be back for another trip soon!